Married to fight?

Did you marry to fight?
When the home becomes a boxing ring,
Where husband and wife exchange hard blows,
Marriage becomes a sorrow instead of a joy;
You did not marry to fight;
You married to love;
And to share your life
With the one you call sweet heart;
Fight not then husband and wife;
Love instead,
And work hand in gloves
With the one you have
As partner for life.

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3 thoughts on “Married to fight?

  1. There are so many stresses in the world today. Why would you want to fight with your mate, you married this person to be a loving companion, to support you in good times and bad. Turn to prayer and pray the Lord will change both of you and your ways to love each other and to fight fairly with each other. If you have not seen the movie “War Room” I highly recommend it. Very powerful and true skills on how to fight fairly in a marriage.

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