Making never-kept promises

Millions of promises are made in the world daily but how many of them are kept.

You might have made a promise to someone or to yourself yesterday. Did you keep it? Do you usually keep the promises that you make?

It is evident that many of the promises that people make are not kept. As Chuck Palahniuk says in a lullaby, we live “in a world where vows are worthless. Where making a pledge means nothing. Where promises are made to be broken.”

If our world is beset by problems, it is clear that one of the reasons is our failure to keep the promises that we make. People make promises which they know they will not keep. Such are unscrupulous people. This is where the unscrupulous politicians shine the light of darkness.

However, at the top of the list of the promises that we make but fail to keep are our promise to God at baptism.

When we are being baptized, we promise to love God with all our heart, to serve him, to be obedient and faithful to him for ever. But how many people keep this promise? Many break it.

Another promise that many of us make but do not keep is the promise to love and be faithful to our spouse, till death do us part. How many people keep this promise which we make with a lot of enthusiasm on our wedding day? Not many. The so many divorces or broken marriages are proof that many of us who make this promise do not keep it. They are made to lull, deceive and seduce to achieve what our heart desires at that moment.

When a boy and a girl are dating, it is normal to promise love for ever to each other. Are such promises usually kept? Not always. In many cases, those who make them start breaking them even before they have blinked their eyes.

As Paulo Coelho says, “Some people think they can promise anything.” Others think they should believe everything they are promised. “Liars make the best promises” says Pierce Brown.

Perhaps you can think of a promise that somebody made to you but failed to keep it. Can you share with us how you felt? What harm did it do to you?

What advice can you give to people concerning the making and keeping of promises or making promises and failing to keep them?

Can you trust someone who makes promises but never keeps them?

The bible in the book of Ecclesiastes advises: “Do what you promise to do…Better not to promise at all than make a promise and not keep it.” (Eccl. 5:5).


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