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There are some posts which I read and think everybody should read as well. The reason is I find them very useful. When I come across such posts and blogs, I always have the urge to recommend them to others.

From now, you will find many such posts and blogs recommended on this site.

Today, I wish to recommend to you the post Water published by the Indian blogger, Jignasha Desai on her site Radically Distinctive on Tuesday 22 March 2016.

I came across Jignasha Desai’s blog when I was exploring the blogs that had responded to the daily prompt on price. When I visited the site, behold, I landed on the post Water which I read with relish.
My comment on it may interest you:

“This is a brilliant and useful article on water. We are often told to drink enough water but this is the first time that I have the reasons for this so clearly articulated. What is more, you caution against drinking too much water. This article is going to help many people indeed. I thank you for sharing. If I may ask, what actually prompted you to write this beautiful article? Have you been thinking of it for a long time or the inspiration just came? Once again, well done. Have a nice day.”

This talented blogger gives enough and convincing reasons for all of us to drink enough water. I particularly appreciate the caution she gives against the other extreme – excessive drinking of water.

If you have not been drinking enough water probably because you do not know how important it is, this post is a worthwhile read. I am convinced that it will transform and save may lives.

A few minutes sacrificed to read it could save your life and the lives of many other people to whom you may share the knowledge.

Happy reading!

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