Rich in friends

My lovely fellow blogger Marianne, founder of the blog “Along the Side of the Road” found at inspired me through a comment on my site to write this poem:

Rich in friends

If you are rich in friends,
You are rich indeed;
If you are poor in friends,
You are poor indeed;
Friends are a treasure;
Friends are gold;
You can’t buy a true friend;
You get for free;
But their value is immense;
Have no gold;
Have no money;
Have no car or mansion;
But have a true friend;
And you are rich indeed;
The richest man in the world.
Rich in friends, rich indeed.

Thank you Marianne! Always throw nice words as you go along. You don’t know how far they can go. You can reblog this on your site so your friends may appreciate what your inspiration has done. Any other person is free to reblog, tweet, or share.

7 thoughts on “Rich in friends

  1. Ngobesing, you have truly made my day. To know that something brief I said in our Blogging U course inspired you to write such a beautiful piece is a compliment of tremendous proportion and impact. I am humbled, I am touched, and I am grateful to call you my blogging friend.
    Thank you so very kindly for sharing this with me. Wishing you more inspired success and kindness-filled kinda days … Marianne

  2. You recommended that I read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I am currently reading that book and it is beyond amazing! Thank you for sharing…what a helpful resource. I am definitely applying its principles in my own life.

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