Special week for Christians

If you are a Christian, this week is very special to you, isn’t it? Just how special it is, of course, depends on each individual Christian.

There are Christians and there are Christians. And this is an opportunity to speak out with conviction about what you believe in as a Christian. Do you have the courage of your faith? Tell the world what you believe.

If you are a non Christian you have the opportunity to express love and solidarity with your Christian brothers and sisters. We are waiting.


3 thoughts on “Special week for Christians

  1. Believing is an act of faith. It doesn’t have to be rational, and that’s what atheists struggle with.
    There is no logical fallacy to faith; it’s like jumping off a building and expecting someone to catch you. How is it different from if there’s a giant cushion that you’re falling on rather than the arms of family or friends?
    Would you put more faith in man-made jumping castles than the arms of your father as he throws you up in the air? That’s all there is to a Christian, believing that there is a God that will catch you, rather than nothing at all.

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