Who is best for America and the world?

Four serious candidates remain in the race for the White House in the USA. Two of them shall compete in November and one of the two is expected to be the next occupant of the White House.

Many American voters are already decided on who they will vote for in November. That is if the person shall be on the ballot.

But anyone who believes strongly in a candidate will not only wait for November to vote for them. There are lots of ways to support a candidate and propel them to victory. One very useful way is to talk to as many people as possible in favor of that candidate. One good thing well said about a candidate can be enough to convince many voters to vote for that candidate.

Therefore, if you have a candidate you would love to see as next boss of the White House, try to win one or more person for that candidate. Tell the world why you think that person is the best candidate.

Is it Hillary, Trump, Sanders or Cruz? What do you have to back up your stand. What makes you think this candidate is the best person to become the President of the US in November?

5 thoughts on “Who is best for America and the world?

  1. I invite you and all Americans who read your blog to come see me at

    and take my little quiz. Be sure to read “Who Said What” first; then go up the page to “Who Said What? Followup”

    I definitely am not a Trump fan. To quote something I read earlier this week, “Loose cannons tend to misfire.”
    We absolutely do not need someone who stirs up anger, fear and prejudice; we have too much of that now. We need someone who can answer the frustration of the American people with intelligence and a steady hand.
    Most of all, speak through your ballot. The only way Trump will be defeated is when reasonable, thinking people vote for someone who can really handle the job. Yes, that means we get behind one candidate. I go for Hillary or Bernie.

    • I see that many democrats are not sure who to send forward as their candidate to face the Republican. Who is better placed to beat whoever Republicans present in November? And who will do a better job in the White House?

  2. No Trump supporter here sir. And thank-you for asking for my opinions. I appreciate that chance to air my concerns. I will vote for the lady because she is strong, resilient and above all considerate to all people on the planet. No, she is not perfect but she is also not making false promises to me the voter when I know the political realities. The Trumpinator is scary. Just because you speak your mind does not make you presidential nor a leadership possibility or because of how much money you brag that you have. We have enough borders now within people’s own racism, bigotries without electing someone who has them and has become their leader taking down this negative path. He contributes to the violence at his own rallies by his own lack of response to the outbursts and how they handle the protestors. If he wins, we will find ourselves in a much sadder state of affairs. He is also a loose cannon. I want someone with a strong, fierce upper hand by using and exhausting every effort to NOT RESORT to further bloodshed. This is the worst and most polarizing election season I have ever seen. You have a good day & thank-you for your positive energy on here. I enjoy dropping by and reading. A safe spot on the beautiful planet we all share. I just bet we could share a steaming, fresh cup of coffee and some rather colorful conversation if we were to share our minds, hearts and souls, I do declare.

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