How was your day today? No 32 Speak out

When was the last time you shared on this BLOGGERS’ SHARING FORUM?
Don’t forget that here we share our day, and our week. We speak out on issues that touch us; issues of public and even personal concern.

Are you a Christian? Share on that. What is going on this week?
A Muslim? Share on that.
What else? Let’s hear you.
You haven’t said a word about what happened in Brussels; neither have you said how you see the US elections.

The things happening around you will interest fellow bloggers. Share!

You have many things indeed, you can share; please do.
This BLOGGERS’ SHARING FORUM is open all round the clock.

4 thoughts on “How was your day today? No 32 Speak out

  1. I’m going to talk about my day yesterday. It did not start out well. I was discouraged because of what happened the day before. I have been trying to witness to others where I live and I do it alone because no one I know will go with me. But I get some of the most discouraging comments from other Christians. I was told at the ladies Bible study that I was doing this alone, without God. My efforts were from myself and God had nothing to do with it. The leader of the Bible study told me this, that I was trying to do this alone. But then I spoke out and said I was not trying to do this alone. Then the lady asked me to bring the message in the next ladies Bible study. So it worked out and we left on a good note. But the damage had been done and I was still upset the whole rest of the day and the next morning. So yesterday I decided to give the devil a black I and I went out to the streets and started handing out tracts. Some people take them and some don’t. But I did get to talk to a young man who was in drug rehab and I got to witness to him about how the Lord delivered me from drunkenness and I have been sober for over twenty years. So it was a witness of what the Lord had done in my life.

  2. First, I have exciting news: I have been accepted into the graduate program for which I applied (High 5!)
    Next, today was busy in a good way. I spent part of it letting neighbors know about one family who is going through a challenging time. We are putting a care package together for them. That’s neighborhood at its best.
    Hmmm, how does one comment on the attacks in Brussels? Such a tragedy! In a very real way, the war on terrorism is World War III; we just have a hard time recognizing that.
    It is Good Friday and the beginning of Easter weekend. My family is coming to share this wonderful celebration with me; then, friends are coming Sunday Evening to top off all the feasting. Busy in a FUN way!
    Blessed Easter/Resurrection Day to you.

    • How wonderful! I share all the joy in your heart about you admission into the graduate program. You sound so brilliant to me and I would have been surprised if you had not been accepted. I wish you, your family and friends happy celebration. Great Easter!

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