I want to reach your heart

Do you know what it takes
To reach the hearts of others?
If you know, tell me;
I want to reach your heart;
And I want to reach the hearts of others too;
I want you to listen,
And get what I say.
I want others to listen too;
Do you know what I should do;
So that you may listen to me?
I don’t want to talk in the air;
I want someone to listen
When I talk;
I want you to listen;
I want other people to listen;
I have something I want you to hear;
Tell me what to do,
So that you may listen;
That I may reach your heart;
And reach the hearts of others;
Speak like St. Paul?
Or sing like a nightingale?
Tell me!
I want to reach your heart;
I have a good touch of it.

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