If you are not afraid

If you want to grow your site
To get more friends and readers,
And are not afraid
To work with others,
Join this forum;
And if you are afraid,
To work with others,
Join this forum;
It will take your blogging to greater heights;
As you work with a sweet team
That makes you proud.
Life is for the bold and fearless;
Not the chicken-hears who often are left behind
To wallow in the cold;
They that are bold and unafraid,
Make their way to the top.

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6 thoughts on “If you are not afraid

  1. I want to make a comment. I am not in a group with you. I am in the comment blog group. Fear is what makes you resist becoming fearless. You have to deal with your own fears. I do. I have. They still come, but I am still standing.

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