Keep that disaster away!

Who does not fear Trump?
Who does not fear disaster?
Only people like Trump
Wouldn’t fear Trump;
Trump is to be feared;
Listen to Trump to know
What Trump can do;
And what Trump will do;
Trump can set the world on fire;
Or maybe there’s an angel inside Trump
That I do no see;
Who knows? None really seems to know Trump;
But, honestly, I do fear Trump;
To vote for Trump!
I just can’t imagine.
You may love Trump; that’ll be good;
But to vote for Trump,
I don’t think so;
I really do fear Trump;
He may be fearless;
A rich, fearless, great man;
But in fearlessness danger also lurks;
Fearlessness and recklessness equals disaster.
Keep Trump away;
Keep that Disaster away.

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