Live your dream life course week 4

We march on with our dream life course. Today we look at persistence as a key to success.


“The tendency to persevere, to persist in spite of hindrances, discouragements and impossibilities – it is this that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”
As you go after the things that you want from life, you will find it not easy to get them. What do you do? Read this poem titled “Persist.”


There are countless examples of people who set out in pursuit of certain goals and in spite of the disheartening experiences encountered, they persisted until they succeeded.

You may know the University professor who persisted for many years as a student before obtaining his PhD and today is among the big guns of his country.

There are many successful men and women in the business world who had to persist in the face of numerous setbacks before finally establishing flourishing businesses.
Such people should inspire you to persist in whatever you do.

Persistence is paramount in life. Perhaps, you are a very talented person in some way, but that alone will not do much for you if you do not learn to persist in whatever you do. No talent or educational attainment can take the place of persistent effort. The world is full of wasted talent. There are educated persons and geniuses everywhere who rather than help to solve the problems of the world, complicate and multiply them.

In an exacting world like ours, where it is not easy to make it, wisdom calls for persistence. Hence, we must learn to persist.

Of course, it is not easy to persist when the going is really tough. You cannot easily keep on keeping on if you are only encountering obstacles on your path. In such situations, it is rather easy to be discouraged, to give up, to admit failure and quit.

You may be determined to achieve a specific goal in life, and that determination may be quite strong and unbending, but at one time, as the days and weeks roll by, you will find doubt creeping in and eroding your determination; and you will begin to question your own ability to do what you set out to do. You will begin to doubt the soundness of your own decision and feel in you a growing urge to quit. Yet, only one thing is good for you at such moments: persistence. You must not quit; you must not give up; you must not turn back. You must stay on; and hold tight. You must persist.

Bear in mind that the desire to quit is common with all great achievers in the world. In the middle of some very important undertaking, they want to quit because they feel empty or inadequate inside. They may think that the whole thing is out of place, silly, or unrealistic. They may feel they should turn their attention to something else. They may just want to get home and call it off. Yet, that is just when the winners stay on; for that is what makes them great achievers.

It can never be over emphasized hence, that when you set out for something and know it is the right thing to do, never turn back until you have had it or done it. In persistence lies the great secret of success. A great American Evangelist, writer and social scientist, Norman Vincent Peale tells us, “Never become discouraged with yourself in life. Never give in to defeat, never lose heart. There is a way through any problem, any difficulty.”

keep trying

Bear in mind that nothing in the world will take the place of persistence.
Nothing is surer to take you to success than persistent effort.

God has a way of twisting things and making great and pleasant surprises to people who know how to persist. Therefore, persist.

persist until you succeed


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