Donald Trump apologizes

I was delighted to learn from CNN that the vibrant GOP front runner for the party’s nomination for the November White House bid, Donald Trump had apologized for the wayward pronouncements he has made since the campaign began.

Trump has done well to apologize. I congratulate him. This is a noble act which may save him from much of the embarrassment which was heading towards him. Not only America but the world was already fully engaged on throwing Trump off the cliff.

His apologies will soften many hearts. Yet, no one can say yet that he can already be trusted. We may forgive; and we should forgive him; but it will be naive to rush to trust him. Wisdom demands that we take Mr. Trumps words with caution. Prudence is called for. All he may want is the White House.

Change does not come overnight. We cannot let go thoughts, ideas and especially convictions which we have held for years and articulated so vehemently just because we say we have. We have to take a good while to watch Mr. Trump, listen to future pronouncements, watch his moves and positions on key issues before we decide if he can be trusted.

What does this mean?

That Republicans may forgive Mr. Trump, but should not trust him right away with the nomination; and if they should make the mistake of letting him have it, Americans should not make the mistake of trusting him with the highest office of their land. Mr. Trump needs to be observed for the next four years. He will not be too old to run again. If you put him side by side with Sanders, in four years he will be 73, and one year younger than Sanders is now (74).

I honestly believe that for 2016, the Trump chapter should best be considered closed with the possibility of reopening it in 2020.


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