What use is your voice?

What use is your voice
If not to bring glory to God?
It’s is a precious gift from God.
Are you aware of the value of this gift?
It’s a more golden than many of us realize.
Why did God give the human being a voice?
To do many things.
With your voice you can speak to me;
You can speak to another;
With your voice,
You can determine what your life will be.
You can shape your life;
You can shape the lives of others;
You can shape the world.
With your voice, you can change your life;
You can change the lives of others;
You can change the world.
While some people use their voices to build,
Others use their voices to destroy.
What a shame!
What are you using your voice for?
Why did your creator give you a voice?
Can you use your voice to sing;
Sing like a nightingale;
Sing praises to him;
Can you use your voice to preach;
Take the word to the world;
Tell them “God loves you;
God wants your heart.
He gave you a voice to bring glory
To his name;
And that is what you must do.”
Are you ready to do this?
Then you make good use of the precious gift
Of a voice God gave you.

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