Weekly evangelism challenge

There are people whose hearts are on fire for God. They believe in Jesus and can die for him.
These are the people that God needs to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to people everywhere. The harvest is rich but the laborers are few.

It is important that those who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ find all ways to journey together taking his word to people everywhere.

It is in this light that we created a challenge known as the evangelism challenge. This aims to bring all those who believe in Jesus Christ and wish to spread his word to come together and jointly spread the word of God.

To be part of this, you have to register. Every week on Monday, we shall select from among the participants, and publish on this site, the Leader for Christ for the week. This person will write something to spread the word of God and publish on their site on Friday.The other participants shall be informed to visit that post, read, like, comment and if possible share.

Are you interested? Go right away to the comment box and register. Give your name, blog name and url.

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