How to excel in sales

Excelling in sales is the dream of many salespersons. It ought, in fact, to be the dream of all salespersons.

The best products don’t always sell. I like to reiterate what I said before. Quality is not enough. However, a really good product ought to sell; if of course, it serves a useful need.

This is often not the case. Many great products sell very poorly. One reason is they are not known to exist. A product has to be known to exist before it can sell. You never buy what you do not know exists. It has also to be known it is an excellent product. It has to be known it can serve a great purpose or fill a great need.

This is where marketing comes in. Marketing means informing the people about whatever product you want to sell; taking it to them; telling them what it can do; and persuading them to buy it. This means you advertise and promote your product.

The way you do this matters. To do it well calls for good advertising, and promotion skills; in short, good marketing skills. The better your marketing skills, the better your chances to do great sales. Therefore, it is advisable to go in for excellent marketing skills if you are into selling.

Marry an excellent product to excellent marketing skills and see how that marriage gives birth to excellent sales.

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What can you add to this article. What can one do to excel in sales?

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