Where did they go wrong?

When Paul set eyes for the first time on Regina, his heart almost missed a beat. Her bouncy personality went beyond his eyes and hit his heart. When she smiled, her oyester-white teeth lit up the room and his heart as well.
“This is the girl!” he almost screamed; but quickly realizing where he was, ended muttering it only to himself.

He was carried away. Never before had he found such beauty in a young woman. Her jaws were full. It seemed to have everything going for her; as if God had crafted her during one of his best moments.

When finally she spoke, he thought it was a nightingale chanting a melody.

“Come what may, she will be my wife,” he swore silently.

That was how their love relationship began; and during their one year of courtship, it was like they were in heaven. All was happiness. They treasured each other’s company; and could be together all day long without feeling bored.

In the third month of their second year together, they got married. This brought their love to a climax. Their joy was unprecedented. All they saw ahead was happiness, love, and quality time together.

But, as if to confirm the adage that good things don’t last, this was short lived. Disagreement did not waste time to set in. They started to disagree on small issues; and soon they moved to bigger issues; and this went on and on. Finally, they landed where no happy couple likes their marriage to land – in divorce.

Their hearts were torn apart. It took both of them a long time to recover from the shock. But could this sad end not have been avoided? Where did it go wrong?
Was it at the very beginning? Maybe they rushed into a relationship whereas they would have taken time.

What would be your advice to young boys and girls thinking of marriage so that they don’t get in headlong just to crash out as rapidly as they got in?

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