Hillary and Trump

Can you compare and contrast the front runners in the US presidential election? Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ enormously.

During elections, voters compare and contrast the candidates. This helps them to decide who to cast their vote for.

The American election is very interesting because the candidates contrast enormously on the issues.

When the two parties shall get their nominees for the November duel, the campaign shall become even more thrilling. The voters will be sure of the two candidates that they must compare and contrast.

It is not clear who the nominee is likely to be for the Republican Party with so many people casting doubts on Donald Trump’s competence to represent the party; but for the Democratic Party, it looks like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee except there is a dramatic off-set along the line.

Whoever finally is nominated, the media will play a decisive role to x-ray the candidates to help the voters compare and contrast them; and make a well informed choice.


4 thoughts on “Hillary and Trump

  1. From afar, it may appear that the media will be unbiased. Unfortunately, the media is controlled by liberal owners and they skew everything in favor of Mrs. Clinton and use every opportunity, whether real or imagined, to denigrate Mr. Trump. In my opinion, the media is just a wing of the Democrat party.

      • Trump has generated the exposure with his politically incorrect statements which essentially gives him free exposure through the news. The key is the slant placed on the news by the media. They denigrate everything about Trump and ignore or downplay the Clinton scandals, including her illegal use of a personal server for State Department business. This server had many top secret emails where the information could easily be hacked by foreign governments. General Petraeus was convicted of crimes for a much smaller breach. In fact, if Hillary were anyone else, she would already be in prison. She may, in fact, be indicted soon. The FBI has over 100 agents working on the investigation.

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