Live Your Dream Life Course Week 5

Our Course topic this week is: “Fast Runners do not always win the race.” It is drawn from the Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 9.

The course sets out to let you know that no matter how brilliant you are it does not all depend on you.

You are encouraged to put your trust in an Almighty God who has ‘the yam and the knife.’

As you pursue your journey through life, do not be surprised if it turns out that God has much more in his store for you than you imagine. He does. I assure you.

Do not be surprised also if you find people who look brilliant but who end on the rocks.

“Fast runners do not always win the race, and the brave do not always win the battle”? (Eccl. 9:11).

None can boast that they know what will come next in their life.

We live in a hard world, full of mystery and wonders. The answers are not always straight.

“Wise men do not always earn a living; intelligent men do not always get rich, and capable men do not always rise to high positions” (Eccl.9: 11).

“Bad luck happens to everyone. You never know when your time is coming.”
(Eccl: 9:11-12).
If you are at the top today, it is not advisable to look down on those who are less fortunate than you. You do not know what lies ahead of you.

The Holy book tells us:

“Don’t make fun of someone who has fallen on hard times and is dressed in rags.”

“like birds suddenly caught in a trap, like fish caught in a net, we are trapped at some evil moment when we least expect it.”
(Eccl. 9: 12).

Your success does not depend on you.
“The Lord does many things that human beings never notice. Many are the Kings who have ended their careers sitting on the ground, while their crowns were worn by people no one had heard of before” (Sir.11:4-5).

This is true.

“Many are the rulers who have suffered disgrace. Many are the famous people who have fallen into the power of others”
(Sir. 11: 6).

Look around the world. You will find so-called great men who reigned supreme at one time but who ended in mud. Idi Amin, the one-time mighty president of Uganda ended in mud. Mubuto Sese Seko, the supreme king of Zaire, ended on the run. Muamar Gaddafi the unequaled cock of Libya died and was buried like a dog. Saddam Hussein was a near-God in Iraq. He was hanged. Hosni Mubarak, the mighty president of Egypt after Anwar Sadat became a prisoner.

The list is too long. They got right to the top and crash-landed. Why? Because they depended on their own strength and wisdom. They failed to depend on the Architect of all success – God. Therefore, be wise and wait on the Lord. He will grant you success. His timing will be different from yours; but His time is always the best.

Let the words of the wise man in the Book of Sirach guide you:

“Wait and be patient, and later you will be glad you did. Keep quiet until the right time to speak, and you will gain a reputation for good sense.” (Sir. 1:26-27).

This is wisdom that has lived with us since the creation of the world. Work as hard as you can, and as wisely as you can; but depend on God.

What to do:

Throughout this week, read and master this post. See what touches you in a special way.


What do you get from this course?

Give a biblical example of someone who rose to great heights but came  crashing because he depended on himself instead of on God, the giver of all.



6 thoughts on “Live Your Dream Life Course Week 5

  1. What did I get from this course? Ideas that I had never thought of, encouragement to persist, encouragement to have a positive outlook on life and to educate myself and gain the knowledge I need to pursue my dreams and become successful.

  2. The first person that comes to mind is Solomon, who asked for wisdom instead of long life and riches and then God gave him both wealth and wisdom. Solomon was the greatest man of his day booth in wealth and wisdom but Satan came in through the back door and Solomon was defeated at least in some point of his life by the many wiuves he took from other countries who caused him to sin when he turned from Jehova and worshipped other gods.

  3. Lucifer comes to mind….drunk on his own ‘superior’ beauty.
    Great set of Scripture quotes! We cannot see around the next corner. Nor do we write our own scripts. We simply pass along what we have been given by God and by the multitude of other human beings upon whose shoulders we now stand.

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