That’s love

That’s love;
But what a contradiction!
To say you love a woman
And hit her everyday!
Or you love a man,
And never stop nagging!
Is that love?
What a way to show love!
What then is love?
We don’t love to hurt;
Or do we?
And we don’t hurt to love, either;
We love to love;
Real love brings joy;
But I do see, real love brings pain too;
Deep pain;
I have, many times seen;
That’s the contradiction of love;
Deep wounds it inflicts;
And long it can take to heal.
And great joy it can bring;
And create a heaven on earth;
That’s love.


3 thoughts on “That’s love

  1. I love this poem. It speaks to my soul. What you say is so true. I see love and pain all around. We do need more love and tolerance in this world. I love to love. Thank you so very much.

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