Agree to disagree and agree

Do not be surprised that we disagree.
Disagreement is a full part of life;
Enemies disagree;
And friends disagree;
Even the best of friends disagree;
Sweet hearts disagree;
What we call lovers,
They disagree;
Whether it’s boy and girlfriend;
They disagree;
Husband and wife disagree;
So it is not strange when people disagree;
You should not be worried
When you disagree.
Agree to disagree;
And disagree to agree.
Agree to disagree and agree.

9 thoughts on “Agree to disagree and agree

  1. as a couple we disagree for almost everything ,still keeping the fact in mind that both of us aren’t perfect , we continue our journey with agreements on disagreements…

  2. This is brilliant! There is such a movement among people to win others over. It causes such social fracture, this absolutism. I have dear friends with whom I disagree, if we saw eye to eye on everything it would be boring perhaps. Tolerance means respecting the views of others. Such agreeing to disagree.

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