Have you changed your heart about me?

Have you changed your heart
About me?
Should I not wait for you
Any more for our wedding,
As we planned?
Your heart overflowed with love for me;
And you told me I was your oxygen; your air;
That you breathed me;
Tell me if you have changed your heart;
I see that your heart does not beat
For me any more as it did before;
But why?
What happened?
What went wrong?
Each time you see me now,
You look away;
You are as cold as ice;
That freezes me;
That is frustrating;
That can kill;
Shall we not walk to the altar again?
Shall I no longer be your sunshine for ever?
Has the love that burnt in your heart for me died?
And is there no way to revive it?
Tell me what it takes!
I don’t want our love to die;
It is still burning in my heart.
It is still eating me up;
I will die;
Don’t take my words lightly;
Let’s do something;
Let’s relight the fire of our love;
That it may become even hotter
Than ever before;
Or I may turn into a monster
You will not recognize.
I will devour you;
I will not spare you;
Don’t do this to me.

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