Solidarity Support Challenge welcome melody

This post is a welcome melody to our new friends:
monik gandhi


Deirdre Conran

Dear loving friends,
We are happy to have you, Minik Gandhi and you, Derdre Conran on board our lovely train. We like to say you are in excellent company.

Here, we are cemented by love and care. We like to see one another flying high in blogging. We also like to be a real family where love reigns supreme.

Feel at home, sweet friends, and make as many friends as you can. Visit the other members’ blogs, read, like and comment on them. They will return the gesture.

And to you older members of the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum. You can see how brightly we shine. That is why we keep growing. The best is still to come.

In our usual sweet way, let us visit our two friends and welcome them.

Happy blogging.

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