Solidarity Support Challenge day 49 time for evaluation and love-sharing

Are you a member of the Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum?
The time for evaluation has come.

We have just come to the end of this round. We begin a new round on Monday 11 April 2016; and it is important that we do evaluation to see how far we have gone. How enjoyable and beneficial has it been? Do you have ideas how we can improve?
When we started we were listing five blogs/bloggers a day. Some forum members complained it was too much and we brought it down to one blog or blogger a day. Later we moved to two a day. What do you say? How many blogs should we list a day?

Let’s put our heads together and do something that will make blogging more rewarding and a greater joy for us.

If by mistake you were not listed during this round, we appeal for your indulgence. Kindly indicate so that the error may immediately be corrected. ‘To err is human. to forgive divine.’

I also like you to say something about the logo that follows. Do you like it? I wish to thank my daughter in Germany for coming up with this logo.

12935160_1053075468071953_916968871_nSince we are evaluating and sharing love, can you just visit a few of your neighbors and show them some love. A good hug in words will beautify the heart, mind and spirit. You know, of course, that the best way is to visit like, and comment on their blog.

Today is best for that; but you also have the week end to do that. The choice is yours. Go to as many friends in our forum as you like.
Here is a list of all the participants to ease things for you.


2. zwesto
3, AlluringEby
4. SpiritualJourney17
5. Majka
6. Carolina
7. Deanne
Deanne’s World

8. timelesswhee

9. Soul Gifts
2 hourssoulgifts

10. roach59

11. lifehelps
12. zwesto
13. AnecdotesOfSuccess
14.Mliae site url:
15. Gradmama2011
(Wonderland Is a State of Mind)

16. jade0207
17. lovehappily
18. Nicole Martin
19. cjstorm
20.. Heart of Refuge

21. Tessa
24. Shiva Malekopmath
25. Erika Kind

26. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding
27. Nena
28. sharmishtha basu
29. simpledimple
30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps
33. vidishakaushik
34.Myan Tres
35. Kah Choon

36. Amanda

37. theutopiauniverse

38. Ameena’s Musings

39. jsackmom

40. Jackie Jain

41. manyofus1980

42. meloheart Paramita

43. Katie

44. Miss Kymmie


46. Magy Harfoush

47. georgelizajie

48. Nam H Nguyen

49. quietwoman

50. rubiescorner

Please, invite others to join us. We like a big family of love, sharing and support, where every body is the other’s keeper. To join send them to start here.

Take note that membership in Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum is for life; but anyone who wants to withdraw is free to do so. Inform us.
Many blessings to you as I pray you keep shining wherever you are.

I love you!

Ngobesing, host.


12 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge day 49 time for evaluation and love-sharing

  1. I have met two third of blogs on the list, Nice people, better writing skills and beautiful blogs. Meeting people is one of the aims of blogging. No one blogs in Isolation.
    However, I can’t find me on the list. Did the fairy godmother cast me away?

  2. I’m so glad to be on the list. I like this getting to know more people. It isn’t always about writing. It is meeting others , and seeing what they are about. Everyone has a task. Part of the task is to be busy writing, and the rest is to meet people, go places, and know about all things.

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