Am I a real man?

Today, I cried in front
Of my wife;
I was overcome by emotions;
I could not hold back my tears;
I cried;
Did I do right?
Do real men cry?
I cried;
There was no way
I could have failed to cry;
I just sat and saw the tears
Flowing down;
And I let them flow;
I had a good cry;
I cried;
I really cried;
Am I a real man?

6 thoughts on “Am I a real man?

  1. In a clock shop while visiting family, I heard the chimes of a clock exactly like one in my house growing up. That sound made the tears well in my eyes, bringing back all that was then and is no more. That clock now sits in my living room, shouting from the past. I no longer cry. I just enjoy.

  2. Crying is normal. Men generally have less facial emotion and more action empathy, which is root to the stereotype that men don’t cry. But it’s just a silly stereotype.

  3. You’re a real man, not an automaton. The image of having to be an emotionally dead automaton has ruined many a man. It is totally unnatural.

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