Why is the US hated or is she loved?

There is a thing I have never understood. Maybe you have. I’ll be delighted if you let me know.

I  see the Unites States of America as a country that is doing so much for the world. This country spends huge sums of money every year to help people in other countries around the world. Between 2010 and 2012, we are told, 7.45 billion dollars of American tax payer’s money was spent to help developing countries cope with climate change. The money reached over 120 countries.

A Forbes publication says the US gives financial aid to 96% of all countries. In 2012, the US disbursed 33.2 billion dollars to assist 184 countries. The figure keeps rising every year despite their colossal internal debt of more than 16 trillion.
Imagine what would have happened to the beneficiary countries without this American aid. Many of them would have collapsed.

The question then arises: should we be thanking God for such a generous donor or condemning them?

Undoubtedly, other rich countries also send help to poorer countries of the world. China, Japan and European countries like Germany, France, and Britain stand out conspicuously. This, without doubt, ought to be fully appreciated by the beneficiaries and, why not the rest of the world?

What we see, unfortunately, in the case of the United States of America is what I have never understood – a down pour of criticism on them. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say this is the most criticized, attacked and targeted country in the world. I wouldn’t doubt too, if there are people who, without blinking, would throw a bomb if they had their way, to wipe out this country.

But why? What is it that I don’t know? What has America done? Or am I too blind or too naïve to see? I have heard people say America intervenes in oil-rich countries because they want oil and oil-money. At times you will hear it is because of their interest; because they want to put a puppet government loyal to them in power. I have had occasion to argue with friends on this for long hours. To them no country is more devilish than the country I know which is doing so much for the world.

Let me ask – would you do better in the position of America? We all have a duty to protect our interest. Even those who are launching these attacks, what are they trying to protect? Their interest, of course!

We owe our Creator a duty to preserve, take care of and protect what he has freely given to us.

It is confounding that when a dictator is brutalizing and killing his own people and America steps in to rescue the innocent, all attacks are heaved on her. Less is cared about the fate of the people perishing under the tyrant’s reign.

We know countries where millions have perished under the heavy hands of tyrants in underground prisons.

I am no advocate for America. I am only an advocate for justice. I hate to see anyone unjustly treated big or small. I believe in a just world; a free world; a world where everyone has equal opportunities to tap their talents for their good and the good of all.

The one country that I see as genuinely and significantly helping the world to be free, for justice to reign and for everyone to have a good opportunity to bring out the best in them is America.
How it happens that even those who are benefiting the most from American magnanimity are the most vocal in condemning the same America intrigues me.

Selflessness does not mean opening your chest for your enemy to fire you with a gun for no good cause and destroy your life. It means making a sacrifice even if it is of your own life for higher good. The United States has clearly been making enormous sacrifices for the higher good of the world – for peace to reign, for democracy to triumph, to eradicate poverty, to cope with climate change; and the list continues.

Yes! She is not perfect. America has her shortcomings. America makes her mistakes. But that is just like everyone else. We cannot focus on the shortcomings and mistakes and close our eyes to the immeasurable good she is doing around the world.
And had it only been criticism, verbal attacks and insults, it would not have been that bad. What makes it such a pity is the destruction that the hatred directed to this nation has caused, is causing and is likely to cause in the future. In the course of venting their anger against America, some people have perpetrated acts that have resulted in the loss of innocent lives. Here, my heart goes to the 9/11 victims and the trauma that their close ones went through. There are many other cases.

I know it is said that children throw stones only on trees that have fruit. But we should be careful not to destroy a tree that produces fruit before we become aware of its value to us. It shall be too late.


3 thoughts on “Why is the US hated or is she loved?

  1. I share your views. Whenever there is a tragedy in the world America is the first one there to help. Sure, we have our problems and Satan is definitely working overtime in America, but there is still a lot of love going on if you look around.

  2. The rest of the world needs to be very circumspect with regard to their hate toward the USA. Many people I know are now proposing cutting off aid to other countries, especially those that spout such vitriol towards us. I think a good deal of the hatred is jealousy. Why should Americans have so much when we have so little? The answer is that this great country was founded upon the principles of individual liberty over government tyranny. Our country allowed individuals to work hard and prosper without government interference. Many smaller countries around the world are run by greedy dictators or other types of ruling class members that clamp down on individual freedoms.

    Why do you think so many people want to move to the United States? It is because there is greater opportunity.

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