They are five brand new

Ahead of Round Four of Solidarity Support Challenge, it is my joy, on behalf of the members of Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum, to welcome the following five new members into the forum.

1. monik gandhi

2. simplebs1010

3. myblogforlife1
Deirdre Conran

4. Leslie Moon
http://moondustwriters Blog.

5. K@countingpenniesandsheep

It is lovely that these nice people have opted to journey with us. I believe we will enjoy their company as much as they will enjoy ours.

I want to let them know one beautiful characteristic of our forum is every member has a sweet heart; loves others and believes in team work.

Meanwhile, I invite you, charming older members, to stop by these new sweeties and welcome them. Read at least a post on their site, like and leave a comment.

Keep shining my friends!

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