Our brother traveled home

Our lovely brother traveled home
Unexpectedly this week;
He had no plans to travel;
None of us saw a journey coming;
But it came;and took us unawares;
He never even packed his bag;
Empty handed he went;
Our father called him home;
We have not understood
Why father called him home
So abruptly;
But that is how it happened;
And what makes it so sad is,
He will never return;
None of us goes home
And returns to this work place;
When we go home, we go home;
And we can only wait for others
Join us;
That is what we must do
One by one.
Farewell brother;
Travel safely home.

3 thoughts on “Our brother traveled home

    • Amen. He was a dear colleague for many years; and was not even sick. He did hard physical work the same day not knowing it was too much for him. That was what took him.May he rest in peace!

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