Inspiration from a mansion (LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE week 6)

I stood by a mansion under construction once to see how work was going on. The environment looked quick messy with stones, blocks, sand and gravel lying all over. The workers were all busy, each playing their own assigned role.

I watched as the work progressed and the structure went up one brick after the other.It was rather slow.

For six months, I did not stop by again. During the seventh month, when I stopped by to see how much progress had been made, I wiped my eyes. Standing there, looking beautiful and imposing was a mansion. It looked like a jewel. I was moved.

When people look at that building and other imposing structures, what they see is the beauty, the immensity of the structure; hardly do they think of how they came into existence.

Brick by brick these mighty structures are built. Day by day, step by step, they go up. In a similar way great lives are built. In a similar way huge fortunes are accumulated – step by step; day by day; action by action.

As a blogger, you experience this. When you start your blog, it is hard to have many readers coming to it. You may spend a whole day without a single reader coming. Then as you keep on going post by post, day by day, soon the number starts to grow and you may end up with an influx of readers.

If your dream is to build a great life, do not be frightened by how low down the ladder you may be. The principle is the same for everybody. Take the right action daily and go step by step. All the great men and women of the world passed through that. They started like babies, grew into kids, young people, adults until they got to greatness.

Each time I think of this, I feel inspired. Each time I feel discouraged, I remind myself that many of the great men and women today were once like me. If they were and made it, I too can.

They were once like you too. If they could make it,nothing should stop you?

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  1. Being famous does not make you great. Your day to day interactions with the people around you: encouraging, helping, guiding, supporting and loving. This is what makes you great. Each act of kindness, each encouraging word, is a brick in your mansion. Build a beautiful mansion.

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