A talk to youth

I have been invited to talk to youths. I shall talk to them about the need to take responsibility for their lives. It’s a subject I am passionate about. The main thing I’ll tell them shall be not to wait for anyone to take them to where they want to go. To count on themselves. They will seek and accept good advice when need be; but must take full responsibility for their lives.

This goes for you as well. If you sit and wait for someone to find you brilliant and lift you to where you want to go, you may wait all your life. You have to take a decision on where you want to go, how you want to go there, and set out to go.

Are you aware that you have to take full responsibility for your life? That it is not another person to lift you to where you want to go?


8 thoughts on “A talk to youth

  1. I have always believed that we are the choices that we make. Taking responsibility of the choices we made is how we can map out a life of fulfillment. But, I also believed that it is important for a person to have a good support system in order to make the right choices and therefore, make it easier to take responsibility. I’m talking about parents, teachers, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, people need a little bit of push to fulfill the life they are supposed to live.

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