We would not have divorced

I am a divorcee;
I was once married;
I no longer am;
our marriage hit the rocks;
And shattered into pieces;
The one I adored walked out on me;
And found true love,
In another’s tender arms;
I regret;
But it’s too late;
I don’t blame anyone;
The fault was mine;
I did not do enough
To keep our marriage going;
I was headstrong;
Not ready to learn;
I took things for granted;
I wanted only to get;
Demanding too much;
And giving too little;
I blame myself;
But I don’t also blame myself;
I knew not what I did;
Nobody told me what to do
What was I supposed to know?
I only knew it when it was too late;
Now I lick my wounds;
And wish I had known better!
We would not have divorced;
Another now enjoys
What was once mine.

10 thoughts on “We would not have divorced

  1. I am sorry you had to lose the one you loved the most. TIME is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own in your life.
    When you give your time to someone you’re showing them they matter.
    Put people always first and things second.

    God bless you.

    Paulette L Motzko

    • This is true of many couples. The man and the woman are both good but do not have the know-how to sail through and so the marriage does not work not because any of them is a bad person.

      • Yes, communication is the key. Keeping things inside is not the way to go. We need to clear away misunderstandings and express how we feel. Some men usually don’t like talking about feelings and some women tend to talk to much. There needs to be a happy medium. 🙂

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