Michelle Obama thinks Hillary Clinton is…

Hillary Clinton looks poised to have the nomination of her party to run for President in November against possibly Donald Trump.

What are her chances against her Republican rival? How do other women see her? Positively or negatively? These are interesting issues to look at but I leave that to you.

What I am interested in here is how the American First lady, Michelle Obama sees this woman who was once her husband’s political rival before becoming his ally. Michelle Obama had some words about Mrs Clinton. Read:https://www.yahoo.com/.

She also said whether or not she would love to follow the path which Mrs Clinton has carved.

Let me ask you: would you love to see Michelle Obama running for President in the next four or eight years?

10 thoughts on “Michelle Obama thinks Hillary Clinton is…

  1. I would be very happy if Mrs. Obama ran for and won the presidency! I would also be happy if we could have President Obama for four more years. As you can see, I don’t agree with some regarding their views on the Obamas. It’s been sad to see so many untruths spread about our president and his family. One day, history will show the truth.

  2. Michelle Obama hates everything America stands for. That is why she and the President have been trying to “fundamentally transform” America into something unrecognizable to the rest of the world. She would be a complete disaster.

    • You are right. If it goes that way it will be unfair to the less able in terms of finances. That will be injustice disguised as justice. If it were to happen once in a while it would be alright by me.

      • off topic: I like the new template and background of the blog sir, I must say it’s straight forward and easy to navigate 🙂

        Having said that,

        While I do support the idea of a female president which reflects a remarkable change in the paradigm of social mindset, I do believe that Hilary Clinton in the past has had a few contradictory positions. She is a power poll politician in the sense that she knows which positions to take on a policy based on the popular opinion of the people, though that in itself is not fundamentally undemocratic it is worrisome that I can’t say for sure whether or not she is on a particular side of the spectrum of debate truly or just for the votes.
        For example, when Bill Clinton was in office, Hillary supported NAFTA 110%, more recently she has criticized it.

        • Thanks for expressing your mind. I think that we grow and change – change physically, spiritually, intellectually etc.In life we have to compromise. A good politician will take certain positions because he/she finds they are the aspirations of their people. Not only their own ways but their people’s ways. I am American but I think many Americans are not fair to Hillary.

          • What I appreciate about America is that so many people from diverse backgrounds have gathered in one country which gives people the opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures and backgrounds. Pluralism is the word for it I believe. The positive thing is as you have mentioned Hillary Clinton reflects the majority’s wishes and right now people are more tolerant than they have been for a long time. So hopefully the rights of minorities will be safeguarded. And yes, people should be given the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves… all the best 🙂

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