Worried about borrowing

A friend borrowed a book from me;
It’s many years now;
I’ve not had it back;
A neighbor borrowed a ray from us;
It’s many years today;
He’s not returned it;
A relative borrowed money from me;
It’s past five years now;
He’s not returned it.
I am worried about borrowing;
More and more people come
To borrow from me;
Advice me.
Do you let people borrow from you?
What was the last thing you borrowed?
And the last thing someone
Borrowed from you?

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9 thoughts on “Worried about borrowing

  1. I only borrow out things that I can afford to lose. I have borrowed money to friends, and never got it back, but if the friendship is important enough for me I don´t care if I get it back. And I never borrow out more that I can afford. If I go out with friends and they ask if they can borrow money for a drink, I rather invite them to it, that way I don´t have to worry about getting it back, and they don´t have to worry about paying it back.

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  3. I’ve had similar experience as you described people who borrow are parasites, now when someone I know start asking to borrow I make a choice to be sucked in or cut ties. The choice of cutting ties is the decision 10 out of 10 times. Those types of people just suck from you and when they can’s suck anymore they go on to the next victim…….

  4. I lent out 3 books and never got them back. I once borrowed a smile from the bank of happiness, that is to say I acted like I was happy and eventually I was happy… it’s good to get into the habit of being happy 🙂

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