10 Quotes by Great Contemporary Writers no. 9

“Do not be afraid my dear comrades. Do not be afraid to passionately pursue your dreams. Do not be afraid to enjoy your God-given constitutionally protected human rights. Do not be afraid to become the best you can become.Do not be afraid to live your life.Do not be afraid to take the dangerous risk if it will help you achieve your goals.Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness when you go wrong. Do not be afraid simply because you are a student.” Kay Kelvin.

2.  “As long as you are trying you will get better, you might not strike it rich at first but with every step you take you get closer to the end of the rainbow.” Laurens Boel.

3.  “Never give in to fear, keep fighting until it comes down to size; but never let fear win.” Laurens Boel.

4. “Take a chance on believing that you can achieve your goal even though this might not change the possibility of failure.” Laurens Boel.

5. “Seize every opportunity that comes your way before it takes off. No opportunity will stay to wait for you for ever. If you do not seize it in time, another person will or, it takes its leave.” Ngobesing Suh Romanus

6. “Once you let go of the wrong people, the right ones will find a way.” Himali Shah

7. “Whatever you desire, follow your heart, don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your destiny.” Ren Monteza.

8.  “Father and mother are like two wheels of a cart…If one loses balance…the journey will stop.” Amulya.

9. “Many people don’t open their hearts in front of their dad like they do in front of their mother.” Amulya.

10. ” We find it easier, in these confused times, to admire physical bravery than moral courage.” Salmon Rushdie (New York Times, Salmopn Rushdie interview)


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