Influencing eternity

Do you know you can influence eternity?
Indeed you can;
We influence eternity with our words and actions. What you say and what you do can shape your community, country or the world. Some words have a greater impact on people than others; same for some actions.
There are some statements that people make and they are valued and repeated in writing and speech.
Do you have anything you have written which you think others would like to quote?
Send them to me. I will publish them as quotes by a great contemporary writer.
We appreciate and quote statements made by people who were here before us. Shall those coming after us quote things that we are saying in our own time?


4 thoughts on “Influencing eternity

  1. This is a great way to motivate more mindful thought about what we say or write. The awareness that those words could be quoted for good or bad purposes, in time or now, separate from our intention when we said them.

    @Samantha/samratkel from
    Shadow Realities

    • This is right. When I read what others write I find a lot of sound, powerful statements that people make which can inspire, edify, transform the lives of others. I ask myself: what will be the benefit if more people know this? It can help lots of people. Hence I created this page. If you have some thoughts which you think others can benefit from, don’t hesitate to send to me.

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