What I did not tell you

There is something I did not tell you about the 70-year old man who divorced his 65-year old wife after 45 years of marriage. What I did not tell you was the reason for the divorce. Do you remember that story? Refresh your mind by reading it here.

You might have guessed, however, that it was because they had been having problems. That is true; but it is much more than that.

There is an issue of a 25-year old girl in the story. He fell head and toes for a twenty-five-year old girl. It may sound unbelievable but true. She was a beauty. She never wanted it but he put pressure on her and she said she would give in if only he promised to marry her. She said so thinking it would put him off. It did not. He promised to marry her.

Then she said she could only marry him if he divorced with his wife. He promised to divorce; and that was how the divorce came about. Do you see the whole thing?

You may want to know that when the divorce took place, the fellow was all happiness, knowing he was going to have all to himself to enjoy a charming young girl; twenty-five years old. You needed to have seen how happy he was.

Meanwhile, the divorced wife cursed all the stars in the sky for ever bringing this man and her together. But that did not help. She did not even know the story of the girl behind their divorce.

However, she ended up knowing it. What she heard shattered her mind. She did not know whether to be laughing or crying. It was a mix of joy and shame.

This is what happened. After the divorce, the man arranged for his wedding with his young wife. Friends and relatives were invited. Sadly, at the last minute, a charming young man opposed the marriage on the grounds that the girl was his wife-to-be.

The Mayor and all were embarrassed and turned to the young girl to say who she would go for. As everybody watched and listened, the young girl took her time. In the end, she walked majestically and took the hand of the young man and told everybody that even a mad woman would not be so stupid as to leave a young plant for a worn out one that had nothing left to offer.

They ended the ceremony for the marriage that never was. The rich old man collapsed. I allow you to guess what happened after he collapsed; and how the drama ended. But if you like me to tell you, I have no objection.

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  1. A twist on the mistress waiting on the married man to divorce wife. The old man was so weak, he actually divorced the wife. Now he has nothing… collapsed and died

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