Your impact

How far do you like your impact to go?

Some people like their impact to be felt all over the world. Others don’t want it to go beyond their local communities.In other words, some people are ambitious; some are not.

What of you?

How far do you like your impact to go?
Do you like your work to create a great impact or no impact at all?

6 thoughts on “Your impact

  1. I would like my impact to go as far as it is meant to go. I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on where it might go, I just do my work, and let my light shine wherever it might. Blogging gives me the opportunity to meet and greet people from all over the planet. If I am living my truth, then there’s a great possibility others may follow my example. If I am meant to impact the lives of others, as well as feel their positive impact as well, it will happen. Peace Be Still.

  2. Your impact with a single smile or a simple “Hello” or a nod of recognition could have global implications. Treat others as you would be treated and your impact will be immeasurable.

  3. Does it have to do with ambition, time constraints or subject matter? I feel some of the things I “must” write about and share are meant for the world and other things are for a smaller audience though they could be appreciated by a larger one. I have so many projects in my journal not finished- due to time constraints- (Ayup, I working full time along with a small pt job), there are unfortunately only so many hours in a day and night. Currently, the norm is to get up at 2 am on Saturday mornings so I can enjoy my blogging & reading and my beloved coffee! The ultimate goal would be to write full time. Though I know I would have to add my exercise routine in there.. oh my aching behind.. and the dang dishes and laundry etc. etc. etc… Now where did I put that winning lottery ticket??

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