I will always love you

My love for you will never die;
Even if you don’t love me,
I will continue to love you;
I have unconditional love for you;
I will love you in good
And in bad times;
I will always love you.

These words have been pronounced many times by different people in different places. These are words. What of action? What of the high number of failed marriages?


2 thoughts on “I will always love you

  1. Too, many people have guilt over their marriages that failed. Learn from the mistakes, and count the blessings. Give it to God, and have a, talk with Him. He knows all things, and some we don’t know. I have been through separation, and came within a, few, days of divorce. It was not easy to go through. I believe I might have picked up, and gone on, and in fact when we were about to come back together, the counselor had to tell me straight on, “Open your eyes. Your marriage is gong to heal.” It took a, long, time, but we are healed.

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