I’ll talk on shining

Talking to people is one of my passions. I love to do it. I am scheduled to give a talk to a very distinguished group of people. Can you guess what I shall be talking about? Excellence. I shall be challenging my listeners to shine and light up the world; to go for excellence. Their education challenges them to do this.

I challenge you too to do same. Are you shining? Are you lighting up the world where you find yourself? Shine and light up the world.

2 thoughts on “I’ll talk on shining

  1. I agree to all I have read , including the comment. I have overcome severe, shyness. I found Christ, and He lit my heart. I began to read the Word, and study. It made a difference. Dad said he overcame shyness. I prayed, and God has helped me overcome what I could not. I am quiet, but at times I am watching, listening to others, and thinking on my own. I do believe in genuineness to the bone.

  2. You can tell you are shining and lighting up the world when everyone you see immediately smiles. Not that fake smile, but the genuine one that comes without thought.

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