Heal the wounds of your marriage

The wounds of your marriage
Can be healed;
Even the deepest wounds
Of your marriage
Can be healed;
It’s not easy, though;
They are sometimes too deep
And hard to heal;
Some heal too slowly;
Some never at all;
Instead, the infection spreads
All over the body and makes it
All rotten; and a waste;
But if you have the tools to heal,
And use them rightly,
You will enjoy the gift of healing;
And your marriage will be saved.
It all depends on the tools;
The secret is to get the right tools
And use them Rightly;
You will be fine;
Your wounds will be healed.

2 thoughts on “Heal the wounds of your marriage

  1. Healing the marriage requires that both the husband and wife want to heal it. If one or the other does not want to heal the marriage, the other cannot force it.

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