No one is too young

Don’t say you are
Too young to do something great;
Who says you are
Too young?
If you think you are
Too young,
Look around you and see
What younger people than you are doing;
Haven’t you seen people who
Are young but are doing marvels?
Young people
Are conquering the world;
I know a fellow
Whom many think is
Too young to be a star;
He’s only five;
But he’s a star;
I know a boy
Whom many think is
Too young to become
A Senator;
He’s only 25;
But he’s a Senator;
I know a man
Whom many think is
Too young to assume leadership of his country;
He’s only nine;
But he’s leading his country.
I could go on and on;
You are not too young
To shake the world;
Stop giving flimsy excuses.
Forget about age!
Go out and conquer the world.

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