Who’s too old?

I thought I was too old to do
Anything worthwhile again;
And so I gave up;
And waited in frustration
For the end to come;
Just to turn around and find
Someone far older than me making plans
And doing things.
He seemed his life was only just beginning;
He was so full of hope and expectations;
I got inspired;
And began to make my own plans as well.
Where I am today as a result of that,
I never thought I could be.
It’s not age;
It’s all in your mind;
At 95 above, people have done great things
They never did at thirty.
Stop calling yourself too old;
Too old for what?
Don’t give up;
No matter your age,
Go for what your heart yearns for;
It may be easier to get
Than you think;
You are, definitely, not too old.

4 thoughts on “Who’s too old?

  1. In many cultures, the old are revered and respected for their knowledge and wisdom. If you are older in years, use your knowledge and wisdom from your life experiences to help others. You are a prime example of the wisdom that comes with age and I, for one, wish to thank you.

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