To re-marry or not to re-marry

Would you remarry if your spouse died and left you? Some people quickly remarry when they lose their spouse. Some stay for quite a while and then remarry. Some stay all the rest of their lives. In other words, they never remarry.

If I were to lose my spouse (God forbid), remarriage would not be in my agenda. I do not know how I can remove her from my life and replace her with another.

Re-marriage is an issue that has worried and continues to worry many people. It is worth sharing on. What do you think?

If I were to advise I would say a young person may re-marry; but if you have had children, and lived your life, I do not encourage re-marriage. Of course, every individual has to decide for themselves.

12 thoughts on “To re-marry or not to re-marry

  1. I guess it can be a difficult decision but sometimes life can make the choice for us. You might not want a new relationship but meet a person you fall in love with over time without realizing it until it’s happened. Even when you think you are too old, you might find a special person so you should never rule it out completely. Relationships come in many shapes and sizes and it doesn’t have to be marriage, sometimes a deep platonic friendship is just as good or even better.

  2. I’m 23 now and been married for 3 years. I would hate for him to die but I would still want to be happy and have a father figure for our child.

    I agree, if you are young in age and your marriage I think it’s healthy after a period of time to move on.

    If I’ve been married 30 or 50 years, I wouldn’t want to start over.

  3. This is a very difficult situation with many answers. There was a time when I thought if something happened to my husband I would never re-marry or date. Then we faced his death from cancer, and he told me “you’re too young to spend the rest of your life alone, find someone and shack up, but don’t remarry, you’ll loose your benefits.” This is true. He was a Ford retiree and if I were to remarry I would lose the spousal pension, health insurance and ability to buy new vehicles at A-plan pricing. Those are lifetime benefits provided I remain single, and the health insurance alone is of extreme value. I see to many people marry later in life and then 2-3 years down the road divorce, I can’t take that risk.

    So now I am widowed. I know that i cannot remarry, and that is difficult because I totally and completely believe in marriage. However I do miss the relationship. My husband and I spent most of our free time together, for the past 35 years. Now my house is lonely. It is the relationship I miss, and I am interested in restoring that, but on a different plateau because now I have to protect my own future as well.

    • I see the difficult situation in which you are. Thank God for the blessings you have. It is said one cannot have everything. Every time we have only some. May God grant you lots of happiness in your present situation so that you see no need for something else!.

  4. I have been married for almost 23 years to my second wife. It is the best decision I ever made (although the decision was a forgone conclusion after my wife cast a spell on me).

  5. That’s a tough question. I would imagine it’s dependant on your relationship with your spouse.
    Some couples hold consensus on such thoughts, some aren’t that close.
    I would imagine my partner would want me to move on, but you’re right of course. It’s very dependant on the individual.

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