The advantages of a free press

We talked about Press Freedom on this platform. I wonder if you joined that discussion. It can be a useful and rewarding discussion. What do you think?  I like us to take it further and look at the advantages of Press Freedom and the disadvantages of a stifled Press for a country and the world.

What are the advantages of having a free Press. What are the disadvantages of having a stifled Press?

In what way is having a free Press important in helping people succeed in life? Let’s talk.

6 thoughts on “The advantages of a free press

  1. The United States has had a free press for its entire existence. The point is to investigate and air the misuse of power by the government and to hold their feet to the fire. Unfortunately, the press in the last several decades has become more and more the lapdog of the progressive/socialist movement. The press fails to point out problems caused by the spendthrift government policies and the secret alliance between big government and big corporations to bilk the taxpayers of their hard earned money. The press is now owned by progressives. It becomes disheartening, at times, to see them give a pass to government crooks but castigate honest, freedom loving conservatives.

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