Write about a beach?

Are you used to a beach?
I am not used to any beach;
I know very little about a beach;
What goes on at a beach?
Do you have a beach where you live?
When was the last time you visited a beach?
Was it different from any other beach
I have been asked to write about a beach;
What do I have to say about a beach?
I don’t live near a beach;
I don’t visit any beach;
I have nothing to say about a beach.
Encourage me to write about a beach.

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4 thoughts on “Write about a beach?

  1. I grew up 3 block from the beach in a small fishing beach town in South Texas- no one knew about my town and now lots of people know about my town as it is growing and many like to come to the beach. I love collecting sea shells and the feel of the sand between my toes. I live in the big city now and we have no beach. I miss the salt air and the sound of the waves.

  2. Yes, I live near a beach, Long Beach. It is one of the most beautiful located on the East coast. The sand is soft and clean. The ocean waves are calming. The sound of them crashing against the shore eases the mind. There is a boardwalk that is 2.4 miles long. It is the most lovely walk to take. There are old fashioned lamp posts, and benches to sit. People ride their bicycles leisurely in a lane that is specific for biking. The seagulls are always there, winter, spring, summer, fall, with their song. They will steal your lunch if you’re not careful. The sunsets and rises are spectacular in colors of orange, pink and purple. The lifeguard chairs are perched in the sand and at night when they are off duty you can climb up and sit with someone you love, holding hands, looking at the evening stars and moon. I love the beach, and can’t imagine not having access to one.

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