Find your way

Life does not run on straight lines;
It would be too easy if it did;
Life runs on both straight and twisted lines;
At one time 2 and 2 make four;
At another time, they don’t;
Both are correct.
Some questions have only one right answer;
Others have many right answers.
The world is not only complicated;
The world is a complex world;
Yet, within this complexity,
There are straight lines;
And that is what makes it complex.
Who will ever fully understand the world?
But we can each find our way;
And that is what is critically important.
Worry not that life runs on crooked lines;
Because, what can you do about it?
What is important, shun the crooked lines,
Follow the straight lines;
And find your way.

6 thoughts on “Find your way

  1. This is very true. The are tines when the crooked lines can Make you feel blind and nauseated! But the key is focusing on the straight lines.

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