Week-End Writing Trigger 1

Welcome to this first Week-End Writing Trigger. Anybody can participate in this activity. Members of Bloggers’ Solidarity Forum are particularly encouraged to do so. If you participate, that will be for your good, my good and the good of many others.

Our first Trigger is START NOW!

How easy is it to start especially something new? To plan to start is often easier than to actually start. As a result many dreams fail because they never take off at all. Write a post on your site, which expresses your resolve to start whatever you want to do now or that encourages someone or some people to start now. You may also take START NOW from any other angle that pleases you. There is no limitation. Any form of writing is welcome. Do you know a good quote on this trigger? That can be enough; or it can help you write your post. If you want to go biblical, you are free.

When you are done, come back here and inform us about it. Give us the link. You are encouraged to spend this week-end looking at what fellow bloggers have written on this trigger. When we both look at what the other has written, we both win, don’t we?

May this activity give us an enjoyable and fruitful week end!

If you are interested in the historical perspective of this new activity, go here.


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