Handling discouragement

Sometimes I am almost discouraged;
At such moments,
I can grade myself 95%
Close to discouragement;
Yet, I end up not being discouraged;
Do you know why?
I recall what I tell people
About discouragement;
Why one should not give in
To discouragement;
And what one should do when feelings
Of discouragement come knocking;
That is how I get over it;
I just tell myself:
“Walk your talk!”
And begin to feel strong again;
Do you walk your talk?
Or all you do is talk;
How do you handle discouragement?

2 thoughts on “Handling discouragement

  1. Sometimes it is good to rest for a few moments and think of the plentiful blessings we already have. Whatever you are discouraged about must be weighed against these blessings to put it into perspective. With proper perspective, positive thoughts prevail.

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