Our politicians

How honest are our politicians?
They don’t seem to be honest at all;
All they  want is to be elected;
The concerns of the people
Seem not to matter to them.
They make promises
They know they won’t keep;
And this, to have themselves elected;
As soon as they are,
They forget the promises;
Lofty as they may be;
Is that politics?

6 thoughts on “Our politicians

  1. In the USA our newly elected officials seem to get instructions from their entrenched colleagues on how to become part of the privileged political class. The temptations of power and money corrupt them immediately. The promises then go out the window.

  2. I do believe politics is a lot worse than that, their main objective is reelection. They have no concern for the working person. Their goal life is helping their friends increase bank accounts. They have been doing a very good job of politicking.

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