Weekly blog Review day 7

In our weekly blog review, we shall be looking at   Lim Soo Peng’s amazing blog. Lim Soo Peng is a 64-year old blogger from George Town, Penang, Malaysia. I have a lot of admiration for this retired Pharmacist and amateur photographer. His retirement offers him enough time to devote to photography which he has done since 2006.

His blog has a very long name; “S.P.’s Space of 6 T’s – Tastes, Theatre, Thoughts, Time, Travel and Treatments.” You can find at:


Here you have a large stock of photographs with some of the most amazing photographs. Each time I visit this space, I am amazed by what I find.

Lim Soo Peng is not only a wonderful blogger but a wonderful person as well. He has such a generous, selfless heart. He caught my attention when we started following each other.

Lim does not visit your site because you visit his. He will visit you again and again whether you return the gesture or not. This is rare gift to find on the blogosphere. What a lot of bloggers do is  if they come to your site a few times and you do not return the favor, they will turn their backs on you. I heartily congratulate Mr. Lim for setting the pace  in selflessly  visiting  blogs he likes.

I am happy to recommend Mr. Lim Soo Peng’s blog to you. Enjoy reading! Enjoy his photos. Enjoy the company of this amazing man – Lim Soo Peng.

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