Let’s talk colors

Look at what inspired me
To say what I am telling you!
It’s this red flower;
Red is my favorite color;
Can anyone tell me what it means
When you love such a color the most?
We each have ou best color;
What is your best color?
And who understands
The language of colors?
If you don’t mind it,
Let’s take off some time
And talk colors;
Share on colors!
And while you talk colors,
Listen to what others have to say
About colors;
Giving and taking on colors.


I wish to express gratitude to fellow blogger, and friend, Charles E. Waugh whose post Flower of the day inspired me to write this post. Red is my favorite color and as soon as I saw it in Charles’s post, the idea of writing on it came to my mind. Charles is a great blogger.  He offers lot’s of interesting things on his site – charleswaugh.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk colors

  1. Red is also my favorite color. My wife captured my heart wearing a beautiful red dress. I was hopelessly lost when I saw her, and she knew it. Thank you for incorporating the photo in your blog. I am honored.

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